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Ladies are officially fed up with men leading our country and have decided to take things into their own hands.

Amazing woman running Look For Couples

Amazing woman running Can you really blame them? Meet the amazing women running for president in Kamala Harris studied political science and economics at Howard University and went on to earn a law degree from the University of California Hastings College.

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She later went on to Amazing woman running history in California when she became the first female attorney general in as well as the first Indian-American and Amazing woman running to hold the position. InHarris was elected Senator and became the first woman of color to represent California in the Senate. She announced that she would be running for president on Martin Luther King Jr.

Gillibrand still serves as U. After having to return to work the day after giving birth, Klobuchar runnihg an advocate for a maternity leave bill in the state legislature.

She was inspired to run for public office and was elected Hennepin County attorney in and to the Senate in Our nation must be governed not by chaos, but by opportunity.

Elizabeth Warren graduated from the University Amazing woman running Houston and went on to become a school teacher.

Later in life, she pursued a law degree Amazing woman running Rutgers University and spent three Amazing woman running working as a law professor, most of those at Harvard Law School. Warren got involved in politics after she led the congressional oversight panel for the Troubled Asset Relief Program and served as the architect of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after the financial collapse. She was elected to the U.

Our fight is for big, structural change. Before serving in Amazing woman running Hawaiian Army National Guard, she made history by becoming the youngest woman to be elected to the Hawaii House of Representatives at just years-old.

Later in life, Gabbard was also the first Samoan-American as well as the first Hindu elected to Congress. She announced her decision to run for president in a Amazing woman running video.

When she's not doing that, she's typically writing entertainment articles on women's Amazing woman running, politics, feminism, and other trending topics her readers love. Author of the popular feminist blog series "Writings of the Satirical Feminista," Rose is currently focusing on a collection of humorous personal essays while she travels the world.

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Put cybersecurity rules and laws in place Rejoin the climate change agreement, enforce Clean Power rules, gas mileage standards and invest in green jobs and infrastructure Pro-choice rights and safe, legal abortions for women LGBT rights Lowering prescription drug prices Election reform Senator Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren graduated from the University of Houston and went on to become a school teacher.

End corruption Amazing woman running the government Helping the middle class by giving the power back to the runnihg and the unions Wojan a Constitutional amendment and government reform Enforcing equal justice in our court systems Representative Tulsi Gabbard Born in American Samoa, Tulsi Gabbard was raised in Hawaii Amazing woman running a politically active family.