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Pam, she's out. You're arguing over a one in sixteen chance. Over a prize worth Um, fifteen thousand bucks, Oscar. Yeah, shut Woman looking real sex Boaz, Oscar.

This is an amazing prize. I mean, I don't even want to give Pam a compliment, because she's so blegh, but she did a good job. I really want that coupon book. Garbage magnet. Magnets are interesting enough, you don't need to tart them aa with some design. Hmm, Kevin and Gabe. Probably about the extremes of the human physique. Do you think that Kevin is going over my head? All right. You know what?

That's inappropriate, Kevin. I am your boss, Funnu if you have something to say, it goes through me, and Keil I take it to Gabe. Chain of command. Do you understand? I am so sorry. Oh, you're sorry? I just thought- Michael: What did you just thought? Well, Gabe asked me if there were any really cool Lady Gaga moves that he could do for the catwalk. And so then I tol-[tries Funny Kevil caring man looking for a woman to cry] Michael: I told him that there Funny Kevil caring man looking for a woman this one cool move where she powers down Funnj a robot.

But I- I am so sorry that I didn't tell you first. Well, don't let it happen again. Bisexual Aberdeen wanting to play Kevin: Can you imagine? It's just crazy.

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That is crazy. We would never care if Andy or Kevin went to your party. Look, I'm just glad we can laugh about it.

Because I was a little nervous about coming to work here, with, you know, our history. Oh, my gosh!

People keep blowing it out of proportion! It's not even a history. It's not like you guys had some long relationship right? Big painful breakup I don't know about? Two or three dates.

It was two. Was it two?

I thought Nude women St. Walburg, Saskatchewan was three. No, we um, we had plans for a third, but then I don't know, you never called me back, so You can't handle the truth! Okay, this whole going over my head-gate? Is making people act weird. The chain of command is crumbling. Do you know what just happened? I just made Kevin cry. And Gabe looks like Lady Gaga. That's not Halloween. Halloween should be a day in which we honor monsters and not be mad Funny Kevil caring man looking for a woman each other.

I'm not mad. Are you mad? You went over my head. And then you lied to my face. So my head and my face have taken a beating. Well, I'm sorry if it seems that way to you. Okay, that might help. If you said "I'm sorry" in front of everybody. In front of me. You made a bad call. And I fixed it. So I'm not apologizing.

So that's it. That's it. Is it? How many freakin' vampires am I supposed to care about these days?

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I guess you could say I'm still in costume. I'm a rational consumer. Stupid coupon booklet. Have you seen my costume? Yeah, I uh, heard you say it to Phyllis.

That's a good line. Okay, everybody! After you walk the runway everyone has to vote for who gets the coupon book. And you can't vote Kegil yourself. Can you vote for other people? Yeah, I gotta get in on this. I'm cool!

I'm hip and I'm jive! And I don't care about nobody! Do you know who I am? Happy Halloween, jerk! Still don't know who I am? I'll give you a hint. I go over other people's heads. Michael, this is a bad idea.

What's a bad idea? Dressing up as somebody-I mean, when has that ever worked for you? I'm not Darryl. And thank God I'm faring Darryl. Could you for once just let us enjoy a party instead of making it about all your issues?

I present to you the [finger quotes] rational consumer, as it were. I don't like your tone! Look, they were sold out of all the other costumes, acring I think we all live in the real world, here.

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Let's not pretend to be unaware of what sells in this office. What should wpman ask? Hey, can I play? Why don't you ask if Darryl is a bad friend who backstabs people in the back?

We have one question to ask the spirit world and you want us to ask that? He says no. Darryl moved it. You moved it. Dwight, you saw Darryl move it, right? Let's just say I saw exactly Horsham st faith the two of you wanted me to see.

I know how to sit on a fence. Hell, I can even sleep on a fence. The trick is to do it face down with the post in your mouth.

If you had one word you would use to describe Funny Kevil caring man looking for a woman xaring would that word be? An asset!

I don't think it's gonna work out the way you think. I don't think you get it. This is some party, huh?

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When you work hard, you play hard around here. Even if you don't work hard. Oh, here's something. Uh, why didn't you ever call Pam back? Are you serious? I mean, I'm wiman saying that everyone has to fall in love, or anything, I'm just saying You know what it was? I think she gave me her number but then her fours look like eights, and Could be. But you also carlng her the second time so you had the number right. Halpert, you lookin' for someone to bang your wife?

You wanna know? I didn't call her back because she spent the whole date talking about you. She was obviously in love with you. Fifty seven. Fifty carinh. Wait, wait. She Live in the moment ladies moved in awhile.

I got two. I ate two whole apples. Funny Kevil caring man looking for a woman

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I'd remember talking about Jim. That wasn't it. Just tell her the real reason. Do you honestly want to know why I didn't call her back on a date over four years ago?

She had a nice time. Madeline Berg Forbes Staff.

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Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. The World's Highest-Paid Comedians 11 images. View gallery. Read More.

Look Teen Sex Funny Kevil caring man looking for a woman

What you have to understand: A lot of comedians are dealing with a dark passion. A lot of these are guys coming from a tumultuous life, including myself.

Some people need outlets, a way to express yourself. You can relate to the things I say or that I lioking through. It happens. The more I up the ante for myself, the better it is in the long run.

I try to interact with my fans as much as possible. And their opinions matter.

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You can be happy for anybody, but what is your excuse to not want to be great? Emails may offer personalized content or ads. You may unsubscribe at any time. Stay in the loop! Get breaking Fuhny and big stories on your desktop. Notify Me. When prompted, click "Allow" you can always change your mind later. Search The Web Search Aol. Wendy Williams makes thinly veiled comment about women dating married men.

The Hunter Foundation. Wendy Williams poses for a photo on the observation deck after taking part in the ceremonial lighting of the Empire State Building to celebrate the ninth season of 'The Wendy Williams Show' on September 18, Funny Kevil caring man looking for a woman New York City.

Wendy Williams gets immortalized with her handprints on the wall of fame at Planet Hollywood during a celebration for her Hunter Foundation Charity that helps fund programs for looikng and youth communities in need of help and guidance at Planet Hollywood Times Square on July 11, in New York City. Up Next.