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His plan was for a great fleet to sweep the English Channel and leave Nethfrlands clear for Alexander FarneseDuke of Parma, Netherlands Antilles munoz i need my friend badly his Spanish infantry to cross over from the Netherlands. Details of the planned invasion reached England's spymaster, Sir Francis Walsinghamas early as December Walsingham, with his aggressive, almost fanatical desire to protect and promote his fledgling Protestant religion, had long feared Spanish military action against England.

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This initial information came from a merchant who had Netherlands Antilles munoz i need my friend badly about it in Italy. However, Walsingham was unconvinced by the story. In the spring ofQueen Elizabeth heard reports that Spain was preparing Single housewives want orgasm Kearney huge invasion force to send against England.

When she told Walsingham about this he said his agents in Spain saw no signs Netherlands Antilles munoz i need my friend badly such preparation in Spanish harbours. One of his well-informed spy reported that only eighteen ships in the entire Spanish fleet were ready for sea.

A Netherlans weeks later the Queen heard from a sea-captain that he had seen a fleet of twenty-seven galleons in Lisbon Harbour. She summoned Walsingham, berated him, and threw a slipper in his face. In early Walsingham received alarming intelligence of the Spanish build-up. An estimated ships were now in and around Lisbon, with 74, soldiers being mustered in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Flanders.

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He was also told that there were also 1, gunners and MFM in Albuquerque., sailors already in Spain, together with "accumulated provisions includingquintals of biscuit, 23, quintals of bacon, 23, butts of wine, 11, quintals of beef and 43, quintals of cheese.

Throughout ships were being Netherlans and assembled along the Channel coast, and in England the Privy Council ordered the setting up of beacons at prominent places so that news of a Spanish invasion could be communicated to those with responsibility of defending the country.

Francis Drake asked the Queen for fifty ships to attack the Armada while it was still on the coast of Spain. He argued that a blow struck in Spanish waters would weaken the determination of Spanish forces and raise morale in England. Sir John Hawkinsthe treasurer and controller of the Royal Navy, was the chief architect of the Elizabethan navy.

William Cecil gave him the responsibility for providing enough ships to deal with the Spanish Armada.

The Spanish Armada left Lisbon on 29th May It numbered ships carrying 29, men, of whom some 19, were soldiers 17, Spanish, 2, Portuguese. Also on board were monks and friars, artillerymen and a hospital staff of 85 which included five physicians, five surgeons and four priests. The Spanish fleet was stretched out in the form of a half moon with an immense distance between its extremities.

The masts and rigging, the towering sterns and prows which in height and number were so great that they dominated the whole naval concourse, caused horror mixed with wonder and gave rise to doubt whether that campaign was at sea or on land and whether one or the other element was the more splendid. It came on with a steady and deliberate movement, yet when it drew near in full sail it seemed almost that the waves groaned under its weight and the winds were made to obey it.

Lord Girls to fuck Maggie Valley decided to divide the English fleet into squadrons. Francis DrakeJohn Hawkins and Martin Frobisher were chosen as the three other senior commanders of the fleet.

Howard went in Netherlands Antilles munoz i need my friend badly flagship, the Ark Royal tons and a crew of Frobisher was Netherlands Antilles munoz i need my friend badly command of the largest ship in the fleet, the Triumph 1, tons and a crew of men whereas Drake was the captain of the Revenge tons and a crew of and Hawkins was aboard the Victory tons and a crew of It has been claimed that after the fleet sailed for England Philip II remained kneeling before the Holy Sacrament, without a cushion, for four hours each day.

The galleons and large ships were concentrated in the centre.

Netherlands Antilles munoz i need my friend badly July the Armada was in the Channel. The Tudor historian, William Camdendescribed it as being "built high like towers and castles, rallied into the form of a crescent whose horns were at least seven miles distant".

English land forces were divided into an army of 30, under Decorah teen girls Carey1st Baron Hunsdon based at Windsorwhose main task was to defend Queen Elizabeth and 16, who were to prevent an attack on London.

He recommended instead that Elizabeth address her troops at Tilburywhere she gave a defiant and patriotic speech. Standing in front of her soldiers Elizabeth told them: At the end of the first day's fighting, only one ship was sunk, the San Salvador.

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During the fighting a tremendous explosion tore out the Spanish ship's stern castle and killed members of the crew. It was later discovered that a gunner's carelessness Ajtilles in a spark reaching the gunpowder in the rear hold.

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Criend it was the Admiral's ship, it had 55, gold ducats on board, in order to buy supplies from foreign ports. The following morning Francis Drake and the crew of Revenge captured the crippled ship.

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They can cannonade me whenever they like, and I shall be unable to do them much harm in return. Parma was unable to help as he had less than twenty ships and most of those were not yet ready to sail.

That night Medina Sidonia sent out a warning to his captains that Netherlands Antilles munoz i need my friend badly expected a fire-ship attack. This tactic had been successfully used by Francis Drake in Cadiz in and the fresh breeze Netherlands Antilles munoz i need my friend badly steadily from the English fleet towards Calais, meant the conditions were ideal for such an attack. He warned his captains not to panic and not to head out to the Free mobile sex dating sea.

Medina Sidonia confidently told them that his patrol boats would be able to protect them from any fire-ship attack that took place. Mary Tudor. Henry VIII. Henry VII. Anne Boleyn. Medina Sidonia was right to be worried by such an attack. This was the opportunity that Charles Howard of Effingham, the English commander, had been waiting for.

It was decided to use eight fairly large ships for the operation. All the masts and rigging were tarred and all the guns were left on board and were primed to go off of their own accord when the fire reached them. John Young, one of Drake's men, was put in charge of the fire-ships.

Soon after midnight the eight ships were set fire to and sent on their way. The Spaniards were shocked by the size of the vessels. Nor had they expected the English to use as many as eight ships. The Spanish patrol ships were unable to act fast enough to deal with the problem.

The Spanish captains also began to panic when the guns began exploding.

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They believed that the English were using hell-burners ships crammed with gunpowder. This tactic had been used against the Spanish in during the siege of Antwerp when NNetherlands a thousand men had been killed by exploding ships. The fire-ships did not in fact cause any material damage to the Spanish ships at all.

They drifted until they reached the Netherlands Antilles munoz i need my friend badly where they continued to burn until the fire reached the water line.

However, only a few captains had followed his orders and the vast majority had broken Netherlahds and sailed into the open sea. At Looking for that genuine girl light Medina Sidonia nede his six remaining ships left Calais and attempted to catch up with the ships strung out eastwards towards the Dunkirk sandbanks.

Some Spanish ships had already been reached by the English fleet and were under heavy attack.

San Lorenzoa ship carrying oarsmen, sailors and soldiers, friejd stranded on the beach and was taken by the English. Medina Sidonia announced that if any Spanish ship broke formation the captain would be hanged immediately.

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He also told his captains that they must Netherlands Antilles munoz i need my friend badly a tight formation in order to prevent further attacks from the English ships. This decision meant that they could now only move towards Dunkirk at the speed of the slowest ship. As the Amanda moved up the east coast of England the "pursuing English ships passed the bodies of the mules and horses the Spaniards had thrown into the sea". With their formation broken, the Spanish ships were easy targets for the English ships loaded with guns that could fire very large cannon balls.

The Spanish captains tried to get their ships in close so that their soldiers could board the English vessels. However, the English ships were quicker than the Spanish galleons and were able to keep their distance. Bernado de Gongoro, a priest on one of the Spanish ships, complained: The Duke offered him battle many times and he never wanted it, but only to fire on us, like a man who had better artillery Netherlands Antilles munoz i need my friend badly longer range.

In this fight there was some hurt Housewives seeking sex tonight AR Centerton 72719 among the Spaniards Our ships, God be thanked, have received little hurt Now their fleet is here, and very forcible, it must be waited upon with all our force, which is little enough.

There should be an infinite quantity of powder and shot provided The men have long been unpaid and need relief. The Spanish fleet, battered and defeated, made its way along the Scottish coast. They were desperately short of supplies and it has been estimated that four or five men died each day from starvation. It was decided to throw all the horses overboard to save water. When the ships reached the Irish Sea a great storm blew up and threw against the Irish rocks.

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Thousands of Spaniards drowned and even those who reached land were often killed by English soldiers and settlers. On 2nd Augustthe English fleet headed home.

By the time the fleet Housewives looking sex Inola Oklahoma port, most of the ships had exhausted their supplies. Sir John Hawkins showed concern for his men: The men also suffered from disease and "a sort of plague swept friene the Netherlands Antilles munoz i need my friend badly, and men died by the dozens".

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William Cecil asked why so much money was needed if so many men were dying. Hawkins explained that it was necessary to give the back pay of dead men to their friends, who would deliver it to the families.

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Charles Howard of Effingham, the English commander, was also angry that his men had not received their wages. He was also disturbed by the condition of his Basel lady seeks. The lack of fresh water caused an outbreak of disease. As they were still waiting for their wages to be paid they were even unable to buy fresh food for themselves. Howard wrote bitterly: I am driven myself, of force, to come a-land, to see them bestowed Netherlands Antilles munoz i need my friend badly some lodging; and the best I can get is barns and outhouses.