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Not even Shakespeare would have conceived of that Very depressing.

Just as Brexit has lurched through successive phases of induction, crisis, intensification, torpor and now paroxysm that map the five act dramas of Sex dating in Bolingbroke, so too has it produced a dramatis personae of variously wounded, self-deluded, malign or unheroic characters worthy of a Shakespearean cast: These equivalences datinb an enjoyable game, and not a new one: In Sexx, prominent commercial sponsors withdrew from a production of Julius Caesar in New York that appeared to model the eponymous tyrant on President Trump.

And where such parallels have not been easily found, the plays have been rewritten to provide them: Alfred Jarry reworked Macbeth in his Ubu Roi to emphasise the appetitive and infantile brutality Sex dating in Bolingbroke modernity.

May as Polonius, Gove as Cassius: is Brexit a Shakespearean tragedy? | Books | The Guardian

Deploying Shakespeare in Brexit discourse thus has a long and familiar history, and the plays have provided helpful material.

One of Leave.

Sex dating in Bolingbroke Daniel Hannan, a Brexiter MEP, has made Shakespearean interventions his particular specialism, including rebuking Sex dating in Bolingbroke Barnier for misquoting Julius Caesar and upping the ante with lines from Cymbeline: The plays can very easily function as a kind of confirmation bias, where we find exactly what we are looking for.

The allure of such topical readings is ultimately narcissistic: Shakespeare is our contemporary, our Bolijgbroke world is the most interesting of all, and the plays mirror our own times and our own views.

This is an interpretative trap even, or especially, when those views are apparently benign ones. In Sex dating in Bolingbroke years a formerly marginal, possibly Shakespearean speech from a collaborative, unperformed play called Sir Thomas More has gained considerable traction.

Useful dates in British history

It was almost too good to be true. Shakespeare is thus both nativist and international, chauvinistic and large-minded, malleable to incompatible causes and ideologies.

In this reckoning, Shakespeare is, irreducibly, both for and against Brexit.

Take Julius Caesar. If the production was indeed anti-Trump, it picked the wrong play. The central scene following the murder of Caesar makes clear that its sympathies are more finely balanced.

Shakespeare is neither firmly for or against Caesar: Truth is less important: The play is about politics, rather than being partisan. It is as available for fascists as for liberationists to annex for their own purposes.

His works are fundamentally ideologically opposed to the binaries of our contemporary politics. This encouraged the rewriting of classical scenarios from a different point of view, Sex dating in Bolingbroke via the experience of silenced or marginal characters.

What mattered was less the skill to convey a particular position, and more the ability to shift perspective.

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Characters are given glimpses of interiority that are strictly unnecessary to the plot, daging these work to populate a busy and complex world of different viewpoints and resistant individuals.

He does not so much rise above politics, as hunker beneath them: If Shakespeare is the writer we need now for our partitioned national life, it is not for Sex dating in Bolingbroke quotable battle cries on either side of the divide.

British History Timeline, Britain through the ages

He is vital not because he offers fearless answers, but rather because he is the ultimate bard of the unheroic, the laureate of dishonour, the poet of the pivot.

For tragic protagonists, there is no future beyond their own biography, but at the end of the tragedy those who are left gathering up the remnants of their society and fating to imagine a quieter, less Sex dating in Bolingbroke future.

Bolkngbroke characters live in interesting Sex dating in Bolingbroke, and destroy themselves by their own pursuit of greatness, but they do not take everyone with them as they fall.

Perhaps the only meagre comfort in seeing Brexit as a Shakespearean tragedy is that the ordinary members of society are rarely seen as sufficiently important to be caught up in its destructive energies, as his tragedies focus Bolingrboke on rulers, not the ruled.

Is Macbeth responsible for his own actions? Sex dating in Bolingbroke the witches simply see the future, or make it happen?

Sex dating in Bolingbroke I Am Looking Sex

What about Romeo and Juliet: If Bolingbdoke was the cultural means of probing questions of agency and culpability in the past, our own period has outsourced issues of causation Sex dating in Bolingbroke judicial investigations and public inquiries. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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