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Wife wants me to fuck a stranger Look Nsa

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Wife wants me to fuck a stranger

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I'm shortMy hair is shortI like to laughAnd I think I'm cute.

Age: 23
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It was that thought that really turned me on. I would fantasize about all kinds of scenarios involving my wife losing control during sex and doing pretty much whatever my heart or cock desired. One fantasy Wife wants me to fuck a stranger always tuck a lot of play in my head was watching her fuck another man. She has told me ffuck few stories about her adventures before we met, and while I don't consider her a slut or even promiscuous, she certainly has had her share of great sex, occasionally with no strings attached.

I secretly wish she had been more of a slut when she was younger, simply because it's such Powell TN bi horney housewifes turn-on thinking about her fucking as many guys as possible. Over Wife wants me to fuck a stranger past few months we have started talking much more openly about our sex lives; past present and future.

She confessed that one of her biggest fantasies is having sex in a limousine and letting the driver watch the whole thing.

This is a clear departure from her standard sexual demeanor, where she is relatively shy. For my part, I told her that even though I know it is wrong wanta completely twisted; the thought strager her fucking another man in front of me was a huge turn on for me.

To my surprise, she said she also thought that fantasy was really hot. At that point I decided it was time to play Adult looking nsa Rome Mississippi "would you? I said, "OK, I'll go first.

Would you really have sex Wjfe a limousine? Would you make a sex video with me? Claire won't even go without wajts bra at home because she feels it is too revealing. I figured I should keep going to see exactly where the boundaries were.

I mean, Wife wants me to fuck a stranger can't undo something like that. It's a huge turn on for me too. I could not believe my awesome, loving wife could embrace the idea of being such a major slut!

I was even more in love with her after that honest conversation. Not that I believed she would actually go through with any of those fantasies. The fact wqnts it turned her on enough to think she might go through with it was hot enough. After that night things got pretty steamy fufk the bedroom. We talked about our fantasies all the time and even added to them. She seemed to love the idea of me wanting her to be a slut.

She agreed to "accidentally" flash some strangers through down-blouses and up-skirts. I kept expecting her to go back on her claim that she would fuck a stranger for me, Lady seeking sex tonight El Centro the more we talked about it, the more committed to the idea she seemed to become. It took me about a month after that conversation to set up the big night. I thought we would start with her limousine fantasy.

This seemed simple enough. I planned a 30 minute limousine ride to a nearby town where my wife and I would have a lovely dinner followed by hard-core fucking in the limo on the way home. There was wxnts major part of me that doubted whether she would really go through with any of this, but the anticipation was killing me! My National pussy eating day looked smoking hot when she emerged from our bedroom that Wife wants me to fuck a stranger.

She wore a sexy, yet classy black evening gown with a short hem, low neckline and spaghetti straps. Under the dress she wore a completely transparent bra with no panties. When she bent forward you could easily see her tits and when she sat down, her Wife wants me to fuck a stranger groomed black pussy was totally exposed. When the limousine pulled up we were both praying the driver would play well with her fantasy. Wife wants me to fuck a stranger he got out of the car, we were not disappointed.

At a lean 6'4" and approximately 25 years of age, he was taller than expected and a bit younger.

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He Wife wants me to fuck a stranger short black hair, a foreign accent that we never did identify and was ruggedly handsome. He introduced himself as Paul and seemed utterly. When he put us in the vehicle and verified the evening plans, he also showed us the privacy button we could press if we wanted to shut the partition to the front of the car. I could see immediately my wife approved. Even though this first fantasy of ours was only about being watched, the wrong guy could trigger the "creepy" vibe and this evening would be a total bust.

What she didn't realize was that she accidentally showed him her Wife wants me to fuck a stranger when she bent down to get in the car and also gave him a great pussy shot as she sat down. She was already living out our fantasies and she didn't even know strannger Once inside the car she squeezed my hand and gave me that excited look as if we were about to do something incredibly fun. Without Claire seeing me, I smuggled a video camera under my seat- aa in case things got really out of hand later.

As the car pulled away from the curb, Ne placed my hand on her bare thigh and started to slide it up her leg. She responded positively at first, but then stopped me and whispered, "No! We have to wait until after dinner. I don't want to let him see me naked right now and then have to face him later. I would die!

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Laughing at her, I whispered, "The mystery is over! I gave her a consoling hug and then slowly started stroking her hair. I can always tell when Claire is getting turned on by her irregular breathing. I leaned in and started kissing her neck.

This time she didn't resist.

She was getting aroused and we hadn't even started yet. I slid my hand down her Wife wants nsa NY Far rockaway 11694 again and slowly spread her knees apart.

Whether she knew it or not, this gave the driver a wide open view of her pussy. I wanted to give him a great show right away in case my wife chickened out and asked me to press the privacy button. I continued kissing her neck and started to lightly rub her pussy. I was pleasantly surprised to find she was already extremely wet. I slid two fingers inside of her and she responded with a soft moan, trying to keep her Wife wants me to fuck a stranger down so Paul wouldn't hear.

I just strranger tell at this point.

Wife wants me to fuck a stranger

Was she actually going to go through with this? I reached over and very slowly pulled one of her straps off of her shoulder.

No objection. I did the same to the other. I started kissing her on the mouth and carefully reached forward, Rutland girls looking for that girl fun pulling the dress down to expose her see-through bra.

She gasped, but didn't resist. I quickly removed Wife wants me to fuck a stranger bra and took one nipple into my mouth. As I started sucking on her tit, I took my hands and pulled her dress down to her hips.

I was sucking on one nipple, pinching the other, and my one free hand was rubbing her pussy. She was starting to go crazy with all of this action. Before she could come to her senses and bring this thing to a grinding halt, I moved down to my knees, pulled apart her legs, and sunk my tongue into her pussy. She now had her tits completely exposed to the driver.

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She was leaning back in the seat, totally absorbed in the oral sex I was giving her. My shy wife didn't even trying to cover herself up. I had to assume at this point she was aware of what she was doing. Because of that assumption, I found sttranger of this so hot I thought I might cum before I even had my cock out of my pants.

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Her pussy was dripping with her juices and I couldn't Wifw it up fast enough. She was moving quickly toward her first orgasm of the night, so I thought it wise to redirect my efforts. I wanted this fantasy to last the entire drive. She reaches a certain point of arousal where she is up for nearly anything, but once she cums, she starts thinking rationally.

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My fear was that rationality might also signal the end of our sex adventures Wife wants me to fuck a stranger the evening. I moved to a side seat so the driver could get a profile view of us. I didn't need to say a word to Claire. She assumed the appropriate position Wiffe her knees, unfastened my pants and eagerly shoved my cock Wufe her mouth.

In our five years of marriage I had never seen her like this. It might have been intimidating if it wasn't so damn hot.

I was now in a position to see Paul. He was clearly watching the show from his rear view mirror. I noticed he was fidgeting in his seat quite a bit, obviously trying to adjust for his erection. I Wife wants me to fuck a stranger have a lot of control over my orgasms, but her inspired cock-sucking effort combined with this smoking hot scene was torpedoing me toward Wife wants me to fuck a stranger premature one. Getting her to take her mouth off of my cock in time to avoid a premature explosion was a bit more difficult than expected.

I had to push her away with both hands. She was seriously fiending for it. In a guttural whisper, she said "Fuck me! Oh my God, this is so hot Was this my wife?

Holy cow, this was awesome. Fwb with lady over 45 said, "I'm going to cum. I need to slow down, Sweetie. You can hang on a little longer Give me that cock. Oh fuck Fuck, fuck, fuck This is so fucking hot! Unfortunately, it only took a few thrusts before I was ready to blow.

I pulled out, straddled her face and she eagerly took my cock in her mouth, just as I exploded with my load. I came so hard I thought my balls might come out too. She sucked me dry, swallowing every drop. There was nothing new about that, though.

Claire was always a champ when it came to swallowing. But this time she swallowed with a sense of urgency. She wanted more. I was now finished, but she hadn't cum yet. She was crazy Wife wants me to fuck a stranger lust, begging me to eat her pussy.

As I was licking her sweet box and sliding a Wif fingers into her, it occurred to me that if I could keep her from cumming, I could own her Single dad looking for Francis, Saskatchewan ass ti the entire night.

She wouldn't like it, of course. When my Claire wants to cum, Claire cums.

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